About our Allergen Friendly Grocery Store

Exclusively Gluten Free Foods

Exclusively Gluten Free

Everything in our store is gluten free and many are free of other common allergens. Many of the products in our store are also non-GMO certified and/or organic

Nutritional Supplements and Personal Care Products

Supplements & Personal Care

All gluten free and only the highest quality are allowed on our shelves. Don't miss out on our very popular 20% off day on all of these items the last monday of every month.

Expert Gluten Free Resources

Expert Resources

From our Nutritionist store manager down to our staff memebers we are specialists in hypoallergenic products and services. We also offer cooking classes, health classes and practitioner consulatations.

What People Say About Us

Speech BubbleTailor Made Nutrition immediately won my loyalty. I'll be back again and again, and not just because I work close by. Woodbury needed a smart store like this. - Sal K.

Speech Bubble Every staff member is knowledgeable in the world of food allergies, having first-hand experience themselves, and I challenge you to find a friendlier group of people anywhere. - Alice W.

Speech BubbleThey have amazing deals and really want to help you eat healthier! They do not just want to sell you products. If they don't think something tastes that good, they'll tell you.

Speech BubbleI feel so lucky to have found this store. I recently found out about some food allergies and Tailor Made Nutrition has been a blessing. They have a huge selection of Gluten Free, Dairy Free foods and they have very competitive prices! - Amy L.