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Anit-Bug Shake & Spray, 2.7 oz

Size: 2.7 fl oz

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Anit-Bug Shake & Spray, 2.7 oz


Ingredients: 23% glycine soja (soybean)oil,10% ricinus communis (caster) oil essential oils of 4% citronella, 2% ceder 2% lemongrass 1.5% rosemary, 1% geranium 1% peppermint water and .5% wintergreen oil

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Gluten free. 100% Natural & Certified Organic.

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Badger’s Anti-Bug Shake & Spray is a totally organic & natural bug spray repellent. Using pure essential oils to naturally keep bugs, mosquitoes and insects away from you and your family. Badger Shake & Spray contains no DEET, petroleum products, or synthetic chemicals, and has been independently lab tested for efficacy - so it's safe and effective for the whole family! The sturdy, lightweight aluminum bottle is easily recyclable.

Directions: Shake well before each use. Spray directly on entire area of skin to be protected. Reapply as needed. For sensitive skin, apply a small amount of the product to test before full use. Keep out of eyes and keep off broken or unhealthy skin. Adult supervision is recommended when using this product on children.

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