Dr. Paul Ratte, ND

Dr. Paul Ratte is a Naturopathic doctor from Rhythm of Health with specialties autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease and much more.

Naturopath 651-208-1084 paul@paulratte.com

Dr. Katie Corazzo, ND

Dr. Katie is the perfect option for women, men, and their children looking for alternative health care methods with natural treatments and preventative options.

Naturopath 612-564-2218 drkatie@balancedcarend.com

Rebeca Ratte, L.Ac

Rebeca Ratté is a certified Acupunturist. Her philosophy of practice is to find the root cause of health concerns and also address outward manifestations.

Acupuncturist 651-208-1084 rebeca@rebecaratte.com

Dr. Noel Aldrich, PhD, LN

Dr. Aldrich is the senior consultant of Nutrition Proportion, an educational resource company for holistic lifestyle choices. He specializes in: fertility, weight loss & more.

Nutritionists 651-323-8163 nutritionproportion@gmail.com