Dr. Paul Ratte, ND

Dr. Paul Ratte is a Naturopathic doctor from Rhythm of Health with specialties autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease and much more.

Naturopath 651-208-1084 paul@paulratte.com

Rebeca Ratte, L.Ac

Rebeca Ratté is a certified Acupunturist. Her philosophy of practice is to find the root cause of health concerns and also address outward manifestations.

Acupuncturist 651-208-1084 rebeca@rebecaratte.com

Dr. Noel Aldrich, PhD, LN

Dr. Aldrich is the senior consultant of Nutrition Proportion, an educational resource company for holistic lifestyle choices. He specializes in: fertility, weight loss & more.

Nutritionists 651-323-8163 nutritionproportion@gmail.com

Dr. Julia Liebich, ND, DC

Everyone has their journey...Dr. Liebich is here to help you and your family with yours! She is a family practitioner that is passionate about natural parenting and keeping families healthy throughout all seasons of the year, and their lives!

Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Chiropractic 612-564-2218 drjulia@balancedcarend.com