About Dr. Noel Aldrich, PhD, LN

Dr. Paul Ratte HeadshotA note from Dr. Aldrich:
“Eleven years ago I stood in the Emergency Room watching the hope of our first child vanish-a miscarriage. But now my wife and I found the nutrition solutions that strengthened us and brought us two healthy children. This is the nutrition information I develop for anyone interested in establishing a strong foundation for healthy living. Most people don’t realize the significant effect that whole foods can have on their health and recovery. The medical evidence is here for whole food therapy that is effective to improve your health. Many people pay significant money for health care that does not work for them. They are wasting their money and their health continues to slip away. There is a simple whole food solution that can be created just for you.”

Noel Aldrich is a Licensed Nutritionist with a PhD in Nutrition from the University of Minnesota where he researched weight loss practices and successful dietary choices for seven years. Noel has been an educator for the past twenty years in a variety of settings including Northwestern Health Sciences University, YEAH Academy, the Academy of Science, Research Bound, North Central University, Northwestern College, and Bethlehem College. He specializes in: fertility, weight loss, chronic pain and digestion problems

Dr. Aldrich is the senior consultant of Nutrition Proportion, an educational resource company for holistic lifestyle choices. He enjoys married life with his wife, Sarah, and they have two children, Jocelyn and Aaron. Together, the family is practicing Nourish-ing Traditions food choices and practicing food as medicine for improved health and wellness

Dr. Aldrich offers a free 10 minute conusltation and is happy to consult via skype.


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