About Dr. Lorraine Hurst, DC

Dr. Paul Ratte Headshot“Dr. Lorraine”, as her patients call her, is proud to deliver custom adjustments and therapy within her clinic, Woodbury Family Chiropractic, adjoining Tailor Made Nutrition. Dr. Lorraine has a sincere enthusiasm for patient well-being, and her whole body technique complements this passion. She specializes in applied kinesiology and motion palpation diagnosing, and adjusts spine, cranials and extremities utilizing drop-piece, activator and diversified techniques. Dr. Lorraine is also certified in acupuncture and Graston technique. Dr. Lorraine came to choose her profession based on her own life experience with pain after a series of three minor car accidents caused her to live with debilitating daily headaches and neck pain. Her general practitioner advised her to take Advil everyday, which then led to daily stomachaches and a new ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ diagnosis. And of course the headaches continued. It was not until she finally was referred to a chiropractor that she felt the relief she thought would never come! This was very inspiring and pushed Dr. Lorraine to switch career paths (and countries!) to pursue a doctorate degree in chiropractic! Dr. Lorraine believes that healthcare should be integrative, allowing allopathic and alternative medicine to draw on each other’s strengths. This means she gladly works alongside physical therapists, nutritionists, naturopaths, medical doctors, etc. to achieve the best results for her patients. She is a very thorough, caring practitioner; spending more time with each patient than the typical chiropractor in order to provide them with the best possible treatment and results! Dr. Lorraine is an “in-network” insurance-based provider - Call for free benefits check.


Graston Technique
Applied Kinesiology
Motion Palpatation Diagnosing
Drop Piece, Activator & Diversified Techniques
Adjusts Spine, Cranials & Extremities



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Mon - Wed: 7:30 - 6:30 pm
Thurs: 11:30 - 6:30 pm
Fri: 7:30 - 5 pm

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8160 Coller Way Unit B
Woodbury, MN 55125