About Dr. Katie Corazzo, ND

Dr. Paul Ratte HeadshotWomen, men, and their children looking for an alternative method to their health care can find natural treatments and preventative options with Dr. Katie. She is a family practitioner specializing in Natural Medicine. Many of our health problems stem from underlying issues; whether it be an imbalance physically, mentally, or emotionally. Dr. Katie offers a unique approach to uncovering the cause of illness and creating individualized treatments. Cutting edge natural medicines provide successful outcomes. Taking the time to listen and understand your health concerns is something she does with each and every patient. Dr. Katie will be there to guide you down the path to better health, offering guidance for women’s health questions, infertility, fertility, weight loss, digestive concerns, anxiety/depression, fatigue, nutrition advice, and more. Dr. Katie offers a complimentary 10 minute consultation in person or over the phone if you have further questions about her services or would like to schedule an appointment.


Acute infection
Allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis
Autoimmune disease
Chronic Illness
High Cholesterol
Fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia
Digestive Complaints
Poor Sleep
Food Allergy
Weight loss
Women's Health Concerns



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