About Dr. Amy Hamlin, DC

Dr. Paul Ratte HeadshotDr. Amy Hamlin graduated in 2010 from Northwestern Health Sciences University with her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She personalizes each treatment to meet the needs of each individual patient. Dr. Amy utilizes several diagnostic techniques and adjusts using activator, drop piece and diversified techniques. She is also trained in techniques to help with muscle relaxation to aid in the adjustment. She is passionate about treating people of all ages and helping them reach their optimal level of health and well- being. Dr. Amy grew up in Woodbury. She now resides in St. Paul Park with her husband, Justin, and son, Lucas. In her extra time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, walking their golden retriever, Topper, gardening, fishing, and reading.


Activator, drop piece and diversified techniques
Muscle relaxation techniques



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Mon - Wed: 7:30 - 6:30 pm
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