Debra Gorr

Deb has been working in the natural healthcare industry for over 35 years. She has a passion for studying about herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, supplements, and foods from various cultures, and has lived by this lifestyle most of her life. Her first interest was as a young girl, where she could be found in Mom's kitchen cupboards finding herbs and spices to cook up as teas. She would pull carrots and beets from her grandparents garden and help Grandpa with pickling and curing pickles in crocks. Helping with canning and freezing garden vegetables, foraging for asparagus in country fields, and eating fresh eggs was a weekly custom at her house. She makes sure to eat organic, local, and fair trade foods when available, along with exercise and sunshine in her repertoire. Her belief in love of life, travel, good food, and closeness with family and friends, is the secret to health and happiness....(also) curling up with a good book with a glass of wine or two!