HydroBEEF: A new gold-standard in protein powder?

HydroBEEF Protein

Finding the right protein powder for you can be a tricky business. While whey protein has long been hailed as the gold-standard among protein sources, many people find it hard on their digestive tracts and, as a result, switch to powders made from rice, pea, hemp and a wide variety of other plant proteins. While all of these are viable options for muscle recovery studies are showing that there may be a new protein source on the block that sets a higher standard. That protein is called HydroBEEF.


HydroBEEF is a brand new type of protein that is derived from an infusion process of grass-fed beef with no added hormones. The manufacturing process is completely chemical free and done in such a way that preserves critical nutrients, peptides, amino acids, nucleotide fractions, vitamins and minerals. HydroBEEF is over 97% pure protein, is packed with branched chain amino acids, which are critical for recovery and has a nitrogen score over 100 (higher than whey) making it very easily digestible. But the best part about it for our customers is that it is incredibly hypoallergenic; it contains no gluten, dairy, soy, egg and is even paleo friendly. This unique combination of being hypoallergenic, clean, effective and easy on the stomach is unlike anything else we've seen on the market.  

Which protein powder brands use HydroBEEF?

Right now there are very few protein powders out there that are using HydroBEEF and only 2 brands currently in our store: Designs for Health and Ultimate Paleo Protein. Both are high-quality, trust-worthy brands and both proteins can boast great taste. The biggest difference between the two is that Ultimate Paleo Protein also has added probiotics (for digestive support), L-glutamine (for added muscle recovery) and MCT (for enhanced fat-burning).  Another added benefit of the Ultimate Paleo Protein is it mixes a little better in water than the Designs for Health PurePaleo protein.  If you are merely using these proteins in shakes or smoothies both will mix well and have great flavor. 

Ultimate Paleo Protein

So should I switch to HydroBEEF?

It's important to remember that there is no perfect protein powder. It's much more a matter of what works for the individual based on his/her unique needs. However, this new protein source, and in particular Ultimate Paleo Protein, is as impressive a protein powder as we have seen in our store. It's hypoallergenic and easy on the stomach (unlike whey) and mixes well and has great taste (unlike most rice, pea and plant proteins). It's a great option for athletes looking to recover from hard workouts, older individuals who want to support their joint health and anyone else who is looking for a tasty way to incorporate more protein into their daily diet.